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Urban Land Institute

Cliff Garten to speak at the Urban Land Institute in Los Angeles on a panel of experts discussing art that adds value to private and public development.

August 21, 2013 7:30-9 am

Since most communities now require some portion of set aside for public art, this panel will explore creative ways to enhance the community and add value to development projects while satisfying our city partners. Experts will discuss projects and programs that have pushed the envelope and increased community support. Our panel includes a developer and Economic Development Official with deep experience in marrying art with the built environment; a celebrated curator of art for multiple public and private entities including LA World Airport, UCLA and Cedars Sinai; and an artist who often uses landscape as his canvas and integrates sculpture with public infrastructure.


Jill Bensley, President, JB Research Company (Moderator)

Cliff Garten, Owner/Founder, Cliff Garten Studio

Merry Norris, Owner/Principal, Merry Norris Contemporary Art

Dan Rosenfeld, Former Sr. Deputy for Economic Development, Office of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas