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Avenue of Light

Lancaster Avenue

Fort Worth, Texas



The Avenue of Light features six iconic sculptures spanning approximately 1/2 mile along Fort Worth’s reclaimed historic Lancaster Avenue. The stainless steel sculptures that tower 36 feet high are located along the median from Lamar Street to Main/Commerce Street. The city of Fort Worth reclaimed historic Lancaster Avenue which was previously situated beneath an elevated portion of Interstate 30 until the freeway was relocated in 2001. Primary to this relocation was the preservation of several striking classical and Art Deco buildings. The sculpture is inspired by the nearby Texas & Pacific Terminal’s Art Deco architectural details that were then interpreted into plates that are used to construct the sculptures. The sculptures, that twist, and stretch into powerful and graceful forms, are at once opaque and transparent, depending upon the viewer’s position. In daylight, the brushed stainless steel surfaces play with reflection and refraction of natural light. From dusk until dawn, the volumes of the sculptures are illuminated with programmed energy efficient LED colored lights that highlight their dynamic nature. The Avenue of Light sculptures are beacons for the historic Lancaster Avenue and herald the development of this emerging district in the city. The sculpture’s diaphanous quality and smooth geometries speak to the city of the 21st century through the forms of its past. The project uses a Texas Department of Transportation grant to redesign the medians with trees, native grasses, and paving. The project was funded by the Tax Increment Finance District and administered by the Fort Worth Public Art Program.


Avenue of Light - Lancaster Avenue - Projects - Cliff Garten Studio

Photo Credit Edwin Benoit, Kevin Buchanan, and Cliff Garten

Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth, TX


Stainless Steel, Concrete, LED lights

Six Parts; 36’ H x 8’ W x 4’ D

Commissioned by
Fort Worth Public Art

Patrick Vogel Designs Inc.

Client Reference 
Martha Peters, Public Art Director, Fort Worth Public Art

Edwin Benoit, Kevin Buchanan, Cliff Garten