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Proposal for Milwaukee Country Courthouse

Milwaukee, Wisconsin



The sculpture Harps is a proposal for Milwaukee Country Courthouse and is composed of two dramatically transformed Corinthian columns that resemble flags waving in the wind, harps, or the lyre of Apollo the god of truth. Taking this important motif and moving from high on the building’s façade down to the ground refers to the accessibility and equality of the courts in our justice system. The sculptures mirror one another and create a dynamic relationship of arabesques that bring life and movement to the plaza. Harps is both classical and modern at once. The bronze capital and fluted forms of each column are stretched downward in a sweep that extends into an elliptical bowl-shaped fountain which crosses the extended base of each column on an axis perpendicular to the columns extension. The bowls spill a veil of water into a small curved pool below, offering the soothing sound of water for passersby. The large scale and dynamic movement of the unfolding of each column is visible from a distance. The formality and power of their forms create a dynamic, timeless and memorable icon for the Courthouse.




Harps - Proposal for Milwaukee Country Courthouse - Projects - Cliff Garten Studio

Milwaukee Country Courthouse, Milwaukee, WI


Cast Stainless Steel, LED Lights

Two Parts, 18’ H x 11’ W x 6 D each