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Bayview Gateway

San Francisco, California



The Bayview Gateway is marked by two distinct installations: a blue polychrome bronze sculpture with a stainless-steel wrap on the West side of Third Street and on the East side, a horizontal banner that lines the backdrop of the landscape. The vibrant blue bronze and stainless-steel sculpture stands 20-feet tall and references the shape of the estuary with its different outlets before Islais Creek became a single channel. The stainless-steel wrap of the Islais sculpture was created by using the shape of the original coastline that explorers found as the profile for the rods at the bottom of the form, and the most recent shape of the mouth of the Creek as the profile of the rods at the top. The sculpture suggests that, like the Bayview community, the land is in a constant state of change, yet it is solid and enduring. At night, the sculpture is illuminated by white LED lights, highlighting the contrast between the blue patina of the sculpture and the silver of the stainless-steel rods. The banner installation on the east side of Third Street features the remnant shape of Islais Creek and its watersheds snaking into the Bay. While the sculpture refers to the evolving coastline of the Bayview, the banner design references Islais creek as it moves across the landscape. Together these two elements represent a physical timeline of the community and create a prominent and celebratory icon for Bayview.


Islais - Bayview Gateway - Projects - Cliff Garten Studio

50 UN Plaza, San Francisco, CA


Polychrome Bronze, Stainless Steel, Vinyl

Sculpture 19’-10” H x 6’-7” L x 5’-4” W; Banner 9’-8” H x 120’-9” L

Commissioned by
The Port of San Francisco and San Francisco Arts Commission

Cliff Garten, Founder/Director, Venice, CA
Matthew Gilio-Tenan, Principal, Venice, CA

Patrell Engineering Group, Inc.

Metal Arts Foundry, Lehi, UT

Client Reference 
Mary Chou, Project Manager, San Francisco Arts Commission

Jeremy Green