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Raindrop Fountains

Proposal for Kissimmee Lakefront Park

Kissimmee, Florida



The Raindrop Fountains and Public Art Elements proposed for The Kissimmee Lakefront Park uses the metaphor of water extended through six sculptural fountains, paving, seating, drainage, lighting, landscape, and drinking fountains in order to create a place that is as useful as it is informative and beautiful. With the highest precipitation of any state in the US, seasons in Florida are determined more by precipitation than by temperature. The six Raindrop Fountains participate in the environment of Kissimmee through a celebration of the various states of water connecting those images of water to Kissimmee’s history. Each sculpture represents a specific volume of water falling at a particular rate. The Raindrop Fountains would create a memorable landmark for the community and visitors to the Lakefront Park.

The additional Public Art Elements include 16’ foot illuminated sculptural lighting columns could line the pier and promenade area of the Plaza near the water. These columns take the beautiful symmetry of the palmetto leaf and create a complex pattern that weaves the fronds of the Palmetto to form a lantern. Water chains can be situated in a linear manner as vertical downspouts on the buildings that line the perimeter. Drinking fountains for the park share the forms of the raindrop language. These functional art elements share the vocabulary of the fountain sculptures and enhance the idea of procession to and from the water.

A grove of trees that would be on the northwestern side complement the sculpture fountains that create a cool microclimate in the plaza. Scaled to the sculpture, a specific tree species would be selected to create a comfortable understory where people can walk underneath, but that will not grow over twenty feet in height. Together the six sculptures and grove of trees make up a distinct cluster of forms which are activated and completed by water.


Raindrop Fountains - Proposal for Kissimmee Lakefront Park - Projects - Cliff Garten Studio

Kissimmee Lakefront Park, Kissimmee, FL


Cast Stainless Steel, LED Lights

6 Parts, 16’ H x 1’-7” W x 1’-7” D, 12 H x 8’-8” W x 8’-8” D, 15’-5” H x 3’-3” W x 3’-3” D​