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Sonoran Suite

Landscape Viewing Platform, Princess Drive

Scottsdale, Arizona



Sonoran Suite is a large landscape viewing platform where four sculptures are viewing portals which frame significant mountain views surrounding the City of Scottsdale, Arizona. The four bronze portal sculptures are imaged from tiny fragments gathered in the landscape, such as seeds, buds, etc. These small bits of landscape ecology are enlarged to dramatic proportions and transformed into the bronze portals that frame the distant desert landscape from which they are taken. The work describes Scottsdale by bringing the participant to the distant mountains that ring the City. Rather than using the City and the car as a way of conditioning our view of the landscape, the reverse is true and we are asked to regard our urban existence as part of a larger, more sacred order.


Sonoran Suite - Landscape Viewing Platform, Princess Drive - Projects - Cliff Garten Studio

Princess Drive, Scottsdale, AZ


Bronze, Concrete, and Trees

16’ H x 100’ L x 22’ D

Commisioned by
Scottsdale Public Art Program, Scottsdale Cultural Council

Metal Arts Foundry, Utah
Valley Rain

Client Reference 
Margaret Bruning, Associate Director, Scottsdale Public Art Program
Valerie Vadala-Homer, Vice President and Director, Scottsdale Public Art Program​

Edwin Benoit,
Chandler, AZ