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Three Rock ’in Graces

Proposal for Nashville Civic Center

Nashville, Tennessee



The Three Rock ’in Graces is a monumental sculpture proposed for the roundabout entry to the Nashville Civic Center, in Nashville, TN. The forms are classically and technologically influenced figurative images that recognize the history of America’s great music city. The three sculptures are comprised of the silhouette of a guitar whose section is rotated to create a twisting form. Personified as the classical art historical figures known as the Three Graces these three sculptures dance and gesture to one another like musicians letting loose on the large stage of the roundabout, thereby inferring the classical figurative gestures into popular culture. In the context of Nashville’s celebration of music, the Graces are a fitting allegory.


Three Rock ’in Graces - Proposal for Nashville Civic Center - Projects - Cliff Garten Studio

Proposal for Nashville Civic Center, Nashville, TN


Welded Stainless Steel, Concrete, Earthwork, and Planting

Three Parts, 30’ H x 12’ W x 6’ D each​