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Ribbons by Cliff Garten Studio

December 18, 2013

Cliff Garten Studio has designed Ribbons, a site-specific artwork for the Art and Architecture Program of the GSA Courtyard of the Federal Building at 50 United Nations Plaza in San Francisco.

Description from Cliff Garten Studio:

The courtyard design transforms the classical symmetry of the 1932 Arthur Brown design by retaining its main axial connections and inserting a sculptural matrix of paving, seating, fountains and planting. This paving plan defines circulation and is the horizontal basis for the sculptural seating, which rises and twists from it, creating the impression that the horizontal surface has been lifted to create a three dimensional interwoven form. The sculptural system allows the project to achieve a maximum effect for a minimum budget by working with recycled and cast concrete in duplication and series. The green character of the courtyard is based on simple sustainable technologies, with low water, shade tolerent planting beneath a grove of Birch trees.