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Corridor of Light Project Catalog

Arlington County, Virginia



Corridor of Light is an urban plan for a twelve-year build-out, a synthesis of public sculpture and lighting infrastructure, embracing and defining Rosslyn’s urbanity. Illuminated sculptures of different scales appear at significant junctures along the corridor to create a series of special places and gateways at each end from Key Bridge to the Meade Street Bridge, adjacent to the Iwo Jima Memorial. The County’s typical pedestrian lighting system has been redesigned and integrated into this ensemble. In daylight, the stainless steel surfaces play with reflection and refraction of natural light. The sculptures are comprised of an inner and outer volume of 1/2” stainless steel rods. The inner and outer volumes are illuminated with complimentary colors of LED light, refracted by the surface of the stainless steel rods to produce a dazzling spectrum of color. The periodic placement of the sculptures gives rhythm to traveling Lynn Street, and a comprehensive urban character to the corridor. The project is being funded by a public/ private partnership between the Arlington Department of Public Works, the Rosslyn Business Improvement District, and the Arlington Public Art Program.


Corridor of Light Project Catalog -  - Projects - Cliff Garten Studio

Project Name 
Corridor of Light, North Lynn Street Civic Art Initiative

North Lynn Street, Rosslyn, Arlington County, Virginia

Book Publication Date

Art Consultants 
Todd Bressi, Meridith McKinley of Via Partnership, and Toole Design Group

Book Design 
Jack Hartley, Jonathan Butt, Deborah Fuentes of Cliff Garten Studio 

Commissioned by
Arlington County Cultural Affairs Division of the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources, Rosslyn Renaissance, and Rosslyn Business Improvement District

Client Reference  
Angela Anderson Adams, Administrator of Public Art, Arlington County Cultural Affairs Division