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Las Vegas Veterans Memorial

Proposal for Huntridge Circle Park

Las Vegas, Nevada



The Las Vegas Veterans’ Memorial is a series of experiences that create a special place in the Huntridge Circle Park. The Memorial is a landscape sculpture that provides a sacred space where people can Remember, Honor and Rejoice. The LVVM is welcoming and opens to the community around it and at the same time creates a place which is a sacred space, quite distinct from its surroundings. It provides a space for solitary remembrance and for large community celebrations. Respect is conveyed through honorific materials, like granite and bronze that is carved with text and quotations that honor military service. The walls, walks, trees, benches, and columns of the Memorial are designed to create a place that veterans, their families and the public can use to remember, to heal and to celebrate military service.


Las Vegas Veterans Memorial - Proposal for Huntridge Circle Park - Projects - Cliff Garten Studio

Huntridge Circle Park, Las Vegas, NV


Granite and Landscape


Commissioned by
Competition, City of Las Vegas