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St. Paul Cultural Garden

St. Paul, Minnesota



In an investigation of the cultural landscape surrounding the Mississippi corridor in St. Paul, MN, Cliff Garten conceived of and led this two-year project collaborating with five poets and other visual artists. Through a combination of text and sculpture, a garden was designed to investigate issues of racism in American public life. Perched over the Mississippi river, the garden navigates the diverse history of the city through a series of artistic gestures to the urban and historical landscape. This artwork received much critical acclaim and was explored for its unique collaboration by the significant art historian Lucy Lippard in her 1998 book titled The Lure of the Local: Senses of Place in a Multicentered Society.


St. Paul Cultural Garden -  - Projects - Cliff Garten Studio

St. Paul, Minnesota


Granite, Bronze, Wood, Basalt, Water-Jet Cut Steel, Core Ten Steel, Mosaic, Planting

7,500 square feet

Commissioned by
The Saint Paul Foundation, the St. Paul Department of Bridges, the St. Paul Department of Parks and Recreation and Ramsey County

Landscape Contractor
Keenan and Svieren

Cold Spring Granite Co., Cold Spring, MN

T. Aiken, Sandra Benitez, Soyini Guyton, Roberta Hill-Whiteman, John Minczeski, David Mura, Xeng Sue Yang

Visual Artists
Ta-coumba, Armando Gutierrez G.

Client Reference
Christine Podas-Larson, Public Art St. Paul